Tuesday, 17 May 2016

#1 . An Exclusive Interview with Mrs. Chrisdina Nixon

Chrisdina Nixon

Interviewed By: Nita Samantaray

Time by the Clock is her debut as an author. Born in Dublin Ireland in 1964. She is the third child of her parents with five siblings. Brought up in Birmingham England and returned to Ireland in childhood after the death of her father. She lived briefly in Iceland where she worked as an Au Pair, then she returned to Ireland after two years. Writing and reading has always been her biggest addiction.

Lets have a glance on what she has to say on my Questions:

Nita: Hi Chrisdina, Welcome to ''All about an Author''
Chrisdina: Thank you Nita for such an warm welcome.

Nita: Tell me a bit about yourself.
Chrisdina: I am a 52 year old mother of two grown up children. Came home from Iceland where I     was working as an Au Pair 26 years ago to attend my brother's birthday and meet my                       husband.

Nita: When and How did you start your journey of writing?
Chrisdina: Have always scribbled things, can't remember a time when I didn't want to write.

Nita: What inspired you for writing?
Chrisdina: I suppose life in general throws up things, unexpected and curious.

Nita: Is there any specific genre that you prefer?
Chrisdina: No, I read everything once it's interesting.

Nita: How will you explain your book?
Chrisdina: My book is about a Woman who has to confront the awful truth that her father was a         murderer. There is her contact with him as a child and as a Woman although he died                         when she was young.

Nita: How was your book publishing journey?
Chrisdina: I am self published author and found the company that helped me really great.

Nita: Is writing your passion or profession?
Chrisdina: Passion

Nita: How did you manage time between your full time profession and writing?
Chrisdina: Had to learn to juggle, although I started this after surgery and was laid up for an entire     summer.

Nita: Best piece of writing advice from you?
Chrisdina: Read it out loud it sounds different to what you think is on the page.

Nita: Any upcoming books or plans?
Chrisdina: Yes have first draft of second book Spoon Fed completed and am now pulling out my       hair trying to get it into shape.

Nita: Any message to your fans?
Chrisdina: Thanks and stick with me.

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''I am really thankful to Mrs. Chrisdina Nixon to share her thoughts and Life with us.''
Nita Samantaray
All about an Author


  1. congratulations to Chrisdina on her wonderful book Time by the Clock. It may not be an easy read, but so worth staying with it. The language, the clever use of short sentences, say so much. You are pulled into this story whether you like it or not. Totally captures, where reality is so surreal for someone else. Wonder piece of writing and well done indeed. I can let you in on a secret I went to school with this writer and she was brillant as essay writing. Well done Mr. Eamonn Daly our english teacher.

    1. Yes, truly she is brilliant, a good writer and a good human being too..