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#14. An Exclusive Interview with Author Krishna Priya

Krishna Priya

Interviewed By: Ms. Nita Samantaray

Krishna Priya was born in Andhra, India, and educated in the city of Vizag, where she had spent most of her life. She has a doctorate in English and teaches at the graduate level. Dr. Krishna Priya is married and has a sixteen-year-old son. She aspires to become a voice for her generation of women, who are caught between home and professions.

Lets have a glance on what she has to say to my Questions:

Nita: Hi, I welcome you to ‘’All about an Author’’
Krishna: Thank you Nita. It’s my pleasure!

Nita: Tell me a bit about yourself?
Krishna: I am Krishna Priya. I am a mom of a sixteen year old boy. I teach Communicative English, Business Communication, Communication Skills at the graduate and undergraduate level. I have taught at several reputed institutes at Bhubaneswar such as XIMB, BIMTECH, IMI and Trident. My husband D.V.Ramana, is a Professor of Accounting at XIMB since the past 28 years! I did my entire schooling from St.Josephs’ Girls High School and College, Waltair, now Visakhapatnam and MA in English at Andhra University. I  then completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English at CIEFL, Hyderabad. I received my Doctorate in English from Utkal University in 2011.

Nita: When and how did you start your journey of writing?
Krishna: Reading stories has been a big part of my childhood and teenage years. I would just rush home, throw my school bag somewhere and pull out a story book. I played as much as I used to read. My parents never discouraged us or scolded us for reading too many story books. We bought some, borrowed some books from libraries and exchanged others with friends.The deep interest in characters and narrative that I developed naturally drew me to literature during my Masters education. I then got married and moved to a different state, from Andhra to Odisha, but what kept me connected were the threads of narrative which are common to people everywhere.Writing about my experiences became a way of understanding the meaning of life. We go through so many emotions which shape our being. It is important to express these. Sorrow, nostalgia, homesickness, regret, happiness and memories of my own childhood, the role my parents played in shaping my life, all these emotions are really crucial for creating and understanding the person I am. We live in the present and with the past. So I feel we have to go back in time to those moments which represent your universe. Writing was the next step towards my self realization.

Nita: What inspired you for writing?
Krishna: My memories of my childhood, the happiness and utter contentment I had with my family and my own self. I missed interacting with my parents on a daily basis after I moved away because I had got married. Writing about my childhood days, the anecdotes, the way we would all chat and exchange stories all were very important for me. It helped me express my emotions and value the wonderful parents I had. Recording our daily lives in the form of stories has always been a way of passing on traditions and values in my family, or in many families. Earlier it was just an oral tradition. Now we all have the luxury of technology to record voices, images, whatever we want to for ourselves and the future generations. Stories needn’t always be about kings, great people, fantastic things. They can and should be about ordinary people and very simple themes. Most of us live in small cities and towns. The lives and events of people living in these are equally interesting and important.  They deserve to be told and heard. I wanted to pay tribute to my parents and Vizag, the city I grew up in. It is a beautiful city with the sea on the eastern side and the Eastern Ghats on the western side of the city. It used to be and still is a very peaceful and calm city though it is an industrial centre and an educational hub. The spirit of Vizag is infectious. The people of Vizag love to flock to the beach on weekends and holidays. It is crazy to see how much the people of the city love to enjoy themselves on the beach. It is a unique spirit. I  also wanted to highlight the simplicity and contentment of our lives during the 70s, 80s and mid 90s, before the gold rush affected our state.

Nita: Is there any specific genre that you prefer to write or read?
Krishna: I love fiction the most, plays of Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw. I like stories which reflect contemporary themes and issues that we all face. I used to love reading all kids of books. Like all kids, I read Enid Blytons as a kid and then the adventure novels, MacLean, etc. Romantic novels and non fiction books. My all time favourite author has been Jane Austen. I am quite open to reading all kids of books, except horror.

Nita: How will you explain your books?
Krishna: I like to explore everyday life and throw light on human spirit that can soar to the highest level and sink to abysmal depths; this is a fascinating aspect that intrigues me. Writing should create visual images and the reader should be able to almost place herself/himself in the setting and reach out and touch what they are reading. I hope I can develop such clarity and precision in my writing. I guess my favourite Indian author is R.K.Narayan. My dream is to write like Narayan, in a simple prose, about everyday people and create unforgettable characters! So I like stories that reflect contemporary society and talk about issues which affect them in a way that gently provokes people to reflect on what we are doing, where we are going and the manner of our actions. We grew up I a certain way, in a secure environment and with absolute faith in our elders, teachers and the values of simplicity, contentment, service to society, hard work and equality. You might be surprised to know that even in those old times, how independently some people I know thought and behaved. Independence and concern for others are not contradictory values. Still there was genuine concern amongst people for each other and for the society. I feel that is lacking nowadays. It needs to be revived.

Nita: How was your book publishing journey?
Krishna: It was quite a new experience for me but I had a very helpful and timely assistance from the Partridge publishing company.

Nita: Is writing your passion or profession?
Krishna: I definitely think Writing is a passion. I would always like to keep writing to tell stories that seem too ordinary to be told, the minute details of everyday life, the simple pleasures and trips, the happiness and joys of families.

Nita: How did you manage time between your full time profession and writing?
Krishna: I am not a full time professional. I work or teach during some terms and keep the rest of the time for my responsibilities at home and for my writing.

Nita: Best piece of writing advice from you?
Krishna: Write from the heart and edit later.

Nita: Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?
Krishna: I love pop, rock and jazz music. I switch on the TV or music on high volume to motivate myself to do housework! I even dance when alone at home!

Nita: Do you have any upcoming books or plans?
Krishna: Yes, I would love to continue writing. I am planning to write a book about boy who is very sensitive and intelligent and how he learns to cope with societal pressure. I grew up in a household of girls but then you realize, boys can also be very sensitive.

Nita: Any message to your fans?
Krishna: Thanks for your support. Please read my book and kindly share your feedback with me.

Nita: It would be great if you will give me some suggestions for my blogs ‘’Your Book Our Review’’ and ‘’All about an Author’’
Krishna:  This is such a lovely initiative on your part. Please keep encouraging new and old authors. Can we have book reading sessions or seminars and some ways to interact virtually. Thank you so much for your time and patience Nita.

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''I am really thankful to Author Krishna Priya for sharing her thoughts. It was really nice interacting with such a talented Author.''
Nita Samantaray
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