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#5. An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Akshaya Kumar Das

Akshaya Kumar Das

Interviewed By: Ms. Nita Samantaray

An Odisha native born in a remote village of district Jagatsinghpur. Life started for him at the age of 15. He was a self-made person who earned a living from the age 15 & continued his studies in Ravenshaw Evening College followed by a law degree from M.S.Law College, Cuttack. He has been writing English poetries since his youth. He also write in Odia occasionally. Most of his writing are then confined to the diary pages as there  were very few who were publishing English Poems. He has contributed his work to ARDUS publications. ''The DEW DROPS - An anthology of english poems'' is his first published book of 436 poems. He write spontaneously when his mood catches up. He is presently working as a Manager in a Government PSU. The author is presently residing at K-5, Kalinga Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

Lets have a glance on what he has to say on my Questions:

Nita:  Hi, I welcome you to ‘’All about an Author’’
Akshaya: Thank you so much.

Nita: Tell me a bit about yourself.
Akshaya: I am Akshaya Kumar Das born to Parents Bata Krushna Das & Smt. Satyabhama Das in a remote village Bharagole under Tirtol P.S., Dist. Jagatsinghpur. Life started for me at the age of 15. My Schooling started at Village upto Class VIII.I completed my Matriculation from Nuabazar High School Cuttack. I am a self-made person who earned a living from the age 15 & continued my studies in Ravenshaw Evening College for my Graduation followed by a law degree from M.S.Law College, Cuttack. I have three brothers & three sisters all settled in life .I have my small family with a very supportive wife Sangita Pattnaik & two sons named Abhisek & his wife Pooja and Sashank being my second son.

Nita: When and how did you start your journey of writing?
Akshaya: I have been writing English poetries since my youth. I also write in Odia occasionally. Most of my writing are then confined to the diary pages as there  were very few who were publishing English Poems. I opened a blog page in the rediffiland in 2007 when I first started to post my writings. I write spontaneously when my mood catches up. Recently after Face Book came to prominence I started posting my poems there on a regular basis from September,2014. The very idea was why to read others only and do the copy paste exercise only. Thus the endless journey started with Face Book providing a great platform. In FB My poems were highly appreciated & rated by Poetry lovers. Through FB I joined several Poetic Sites which encouraged budding poets to post their work. Through FB I also started joining Poetry Competitions floated by various sites. Then Invitations for submitting poems came through those sites. The World Association of English Poets where I used post regularly Ardus Publications, Canada invited poets to submit poems for their 1st Anthology of Love Poems “A Divine Madness”. I submitted my poems and to my utter surprise they were selected in the first go. The Journey started then with the 1st Volume of “A Divine Madness” being published by Ardus Publications, Canada in September,2015 with around 48 poets published in the Anthology.  Now poems were published in their Vth , VIth volume  , Christmas Anthology in the following months i.e., November & December,2015. In February Four of my poems were published in their Anthology of Love Poems specially dedicated to valentine’s Day “A  Bouqet of Verse”.  All the above mentioned Anthologies published by Ardus have selected around 48-50 poets from around the Globe who have their poems published here. Very reknowned poets including  Professional English Writers are also are published in these volumes.

Nita: What inspired you for writing?
Akshaya: My publications in different Anthologies of Ardus inspired me more to write on a day to day basis. Specially Gina Ancheta Agsaulio a Poet in the Ardus Group & the entire Ardus Publications Group, Canada were instrumental in turning my life to what I am today. Above all my likers in FB  inspired & encouraged me to go for a book of my own. In this I was appointed as an Admin in many poetic sites to edit the Poems and approve new poets to the page. To name I was an admin with “Elegance of Love” for some time. Now I am an admin for the page “Poetical Journey” , “Where there is love, there is life,threre is poetry” &” John Patrick Boutliers Poetry Page” of the FB.  I also posted some of my poems in e-magazines that is salisonline.com (Poem:The Cost of Existence) and Poem “Gratitude” in the Hall of Poets November,2015 issue.

Nita: Is there any specific genre that you prefer to write or read?
Akshaya: Nothing specific. Love is an option besides philosophy, societal issues, world issues that disturbs the world psyche, the national issues, nature, seasons, festivals and eminent personalities , anniversaries etc. My book “The Dew Drops” contains 436 poems with a 618 page layout consists of poems of all genres. Initially I had named it as “An anthology of Love Poems” but subsequently I changed it to “An Anthology of English Poems” realising the variety of poems written.

Nita: How will you explain your books?
Akshaya: It’s a wonder to me when I just sit in silence thinking how I wrote them. It contains of atotal of 436 poems of different taste & genres . Almost covering poems on love, philosophy, societal issues, world issues, nature, seasons, festivals of India & World, Eminent Personalities such as “Buddha” and “APJ Abul Kalam Azad” on his death and various rituals we perform . I know the Poet lovers too will love to read the book for the variety of taste it offers for young lovers to Peers & Intellectuals.

Nita: How was your book publishing journey?
Akshaya: An Arduous & Mindblowing journey for me. When there was demand from my group of poetry lovers across the world to publish a book. Their words” Sir, You are writing so well” Why not you publish them to a book so that we can have a copy at home for daily reading. Particularly some of my fans have overwhelming response to my writings on a daily basis. I can not name anybody as it would be a lengthy book to cover. I have even prepared a compliments books for my daily inspirations.This Book “The Dew Drops” is specially published on demand by my lovers . It was a extremely difficult  Journey. When I started thinking about publishing I found some of my friend poets publishing their books. I just chatted with them to know their publishing experience . One Assamese Poet Sri Damodar Boruah who had published a book “The Whispering Wndows” during a chat explained of his experience with an International Publication house suggesting me to publish their.  I came to know them  and the journey started with completion of the mission.

Nita: Is writing your passion or profession?
Akshaya: It is a purely a passion with me. “Poetry is life , Life is poetry “ to me.

Nita: How did you manage time between your full time profession and writing?
Akshaya: A Good question to answer. I have drawn a dividing line between profession and writing. I write mostly during early dawn/morning or late nights. I am a Manager with United India Insurance Co.Ltd. posted at Regional Office, Bhubaneswar. My Profession never becomes a hurdle with my passion.My Profession gives me Bread, Butter & Dal, my passion gives me immense satisfaction to my heart, mind & soul. I cannot afford to live without either. I confess that my profession supports my existence for the passion in a great way.

Nita: Best piece of writing advice from you.
Akshaya: The Younger Generation must catch up with the creativity . Today Many young & talented writer have come up to make it a passion & profession. The Journey must accomplish it’s mission of achieving the noble purpose of humanity & Peaceful co-existence.

Nita: Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?
Akshaya: As I said you I struggled to eke out a career from scratches. My peers used to look at me with awe at my young age seeing my commitment & confidence on myself. I revered my parents like God and shouldered all responsibilities to strengthen the very foundation of family from adolescence. I was the backbone of the family to have first being a breadwinner for the family at such young age. I always took things positive how difficult the situation might be. I felt very proud doing this kind of a self-management from an age of fifteen. I did not like free favours that was offered as a sympathetic gesture to me . Particularly one incident when Senior Scientist under whom I worked seeing my struggle melted to sympathise with me by offering me his old shirts to wear. I instantly rebuffed him by telling him Sir I am not a beggar. You can donate it to a street beggar. To which his reply was I see you coming to office with this one shirt expressing his apology for the offer. Sir I have atleast one shirt people do not have one. Give it to the needy. I am earning & love my sense of self-respect.

Nita: Do you have any upcoming books or plans?
Akshaya: Yes while publishing this book I was initially thinking of making a record of publishing thousand English poems in one Anthology. As it would have been too voluminous one my family members dissuaded me to do so. I have plans for another book . Let me see how soon my dream materialises .

Nita:  Any message to your fans?
Akshaya: Keep writing. Make writing your skill of communication. Then you can influence the Universe to be your fan.

Nita: I would love if you will give me some suggestions for my blogs ''Your Book Our Review'' and ''All about an Author''.
Akshaya: I was going through your reviews made for some international authors in your page “Your Book Our Review” and the content being shared in “All About an Author. I stumbled upon to discover them accidentally through your page. You are doing the most difficult job . All my best wishes are with you.
 Nita: I thank you from the core of my heart and wish you all the best for your poetic career.

You can reach Mr. Akshaya Kumar Das through below link:

You can get his book through below link:

''I am really thankful to Mr. Akshaya Kumar Das for sharing his thoughts. It was really nice interacting with him.''
Nita Samantaray
All about an Author


  1. Akshay Das Sir is a gem of a person, hard working, very helpful and down to earth. No doubt his effort has paid off. This is a very proud moment for all of us. Good going sir.

  2. Akshay Das Sir is a gem of a person, hard working, very helpful and down to earth. No doubt his effort has paid off. This is a very proud moment for all of us. Good going sir.

    1. Thank u so much Sonali for the mindblowing compliments­čśé

  3. Good interview, well narrated, congrats, regards

  4. A poet by nature, always poetic in his reactions, an effortless creation, flowing feely like a natural steam. An honest submission, bread butter & dal to heart, mind & soul.

    1. Yes A poet remains in another world. Always loves to play with words. That is his Dal, roti, Mind & soul.

  5. Good interview, well narrated, congrats, regards

  6. We are Proud of you Das Babu. Keep it up. Regards, Rajesh Kumar.

    1. Thank u so much Rajesh Lee for the inspiring words.

  7. Das Babu, Great!!!
    Proud to see you as a poet of international repute. May God bless you and your writings benefits the masses and enriches them. You live for for ever through your writings. Regards, Rajesh Kumar, Chief Regional Manager, United India Insurance Co Ltd, Nagpur.

  8. Nice interview regarding your newly published Poetry anthology I have to say for sure! Go ahead with your zeal to do more in literary field!

    1. First let me thank you for your inspiring words.2nd need your blessings sir. You are a true genius . An icon for me.