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#6. An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Arvind Narsima Mourty

Arvind Narsima Mourty

Interviewed By: Ms. Nita Samantaray

Arvind lives in the beautiful city Pondicherry along with his wife and daughter. He left a lucrative job to pursue a dream and a quest to become a celebrated writer. His area of interests lay largely in adventures and mysteries. An acid reader and a prolific writer, he has won many prizes and kudos for his creative writing. He has written many dramas, stories and poems that were performed during the memorable years of school and college. Other than reading and writing, he loves to cook and extensively travel. The Investigator Series is the outcome of his interest in mystery and detective stories. ''Arya - A New Beginning'' is the first part of the investigator series. The other parts will follow soon. 

Lets have a glance on what he has to say on my Questions:

Nita: Hi Arvind, I welcome you to ‘’All about an Author’’
Arvind: Hello, Nita. Thank you for inviting me.
Nita: Let’s start with your own story, Tell me a bit about yourself?
Arvind: I’m a simple, God fearing, shy and a reclusive person. I’ve come a very long dreadful way, treading only on unimaginable hardships. I’m sort of relieved and happy that those days are behind me now. Reading has been my passion all along and writing is becoming my profession now.  I listen to good music, mostly melodies of Ilayaraja and the Burmans. I love songs sung by Jesudass and Kishore Kumar. I watched Crickett whenever Sachin played and now I watch Kohli. I live in Pondicherry with my wife and 3 years old daughter, who make my world the happiest place to live.

Nita:  Is it necessary to be well qualified for being an author? Just your opinion.
Arvind: I don’t think so. A good command of the language, broad knowledge, consolidated and vividly perceived conceptual theorizing of the whole story to be contained into a particular genre and delivery to the right audience is what is required. It’s like wielding the reins of sensory nerves of the readers, keeping them glued to the black ink and you don’t get that from any academic qualification. In my opinion, qualification doesn’t come as a priority. But then, being deprived of higher studies, it took me more than 25 years to become an author. These years do count, if accounted as time spent in pursuit of a reasonable livelihood rather than the realization of my most envisaged ambition.  I may have arrived here long before.

Nita: When and how did you start your journey of writing? What inspired you?
Arvind: It all started in my 7th standard. The year was 1987. I was insulted while delivering a speech in my school function as I forgot what I was speaking about and went on to blabber rubbish. In desperation to carry on I began to fumble for the clues I’d wrote and hid in my pockets, making myself a clown. The disparaged laughter from the front row audience still rings in my ears. And a great transformation came over me after the fateful incident. That year I scored distinction in English and never looked back. I excelled in story writing, speech, quiz, essay writing, elocutions, drama and poetry. Soon I had finished reading all the English books in our library. After finishing higher secondary, I couldn’t pursue higher studies because of my family’s poverty. My father had left us by then. My mother worked in a factory as a day labour and I joined a cloth shop for Rs. 250/- per month working for 18 – 19 hours a day. My younger brother was 2 years younger to me and was in eleventh class. I was introduced to inferno as I swallowed all my dreams to accept the fate that had crudely unfolded before me. It was after 25 years that I picked up my pen to write again. My inspiration came from all the books I have read voraciously. I took a great liking to action/adventure/suspense books of Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Ken Follet, Robert Ludlum, Colin Forbes, Archer and many others. But the day I started to write again was when I finished Amish Tripati’s ‘The Immortals of Meluha’. The ice melted, barriers broke and the dormancy vanished. Here I am, in my most comfort zone ever.  

Nita: How will you explain about writing as a divine profession compared to other professions?
Arvind: I wouldn’t want to compare. I’ve worked at all levels. I worked in cloth shops, road side Hotells, small petty offices washing the tea cups and cleaning the tables and floors and later in big corporate offices as Sales executive and Logistics country head. I believe all works are divine in themselves. Every work has fed me and my family. But writing is all about creativity. Any art of creation makes the one who created a creator. And being a creator is something that cannot be explained in words. It feels great. It feels divine. It feels like God.

Nita: What all are the difficulties you faced being a first time author?
Arvind: Really I don’t know if I’m facing any difficulties right now. My mind is set on becoming the author that I had envisaged decades before. Making money through writing was never the idea. I’ve been working since the day I came out of my school. All these years, I’ve been doing what others wanted me to do for those, who were dependent on me or needed me. Now I’m doing what I’ve been dreaming to do. Nothing is difficult here, albeit there are many. I sleep just 3 hours a day. I want everyone to know my name and my books. So I work strenuously towards accomplishing that herculean task. God is alongside with me as I know I’m basking in his grace that’s far enough for me. 

Nita: Don’t you think in India opportunities for new authors are less?
Arvind: No way! It is quite the opposite. In India opportunities are so many but ways are innumerable and many untrustworthy. We need to be patient, study what could make us stand at that point where we wanted us to be and tread along cautiously. Once we master the trade, opportunities become unbelievably fruitful.  

Nita: What matters to you more, your inner satisfaction or money?
Arvind: I’ve no second option here. It’s the inner satisfaction that matters to me first. It makes your creativity complete and acceptable. Money will follow all by itself.

Nita: If a writer is starving for fame for his/her work, is it wrong according to you?
Arvind: Absolutely not. End of the day, we all search for good reviews of our work. A single praise for the book written and you are on cloud 9 or should I say heaven ( that’s where the creator sits )

Nita: Is there any specific genre that you prefer to write or read?
Arvind: I have always loved action/adventure/suspense. Love and other sentimental emotions could be smeared over the pie like a beautiful dressing. I give a complete package to my readers.

Nita:  How will you explain your book?
Arvind: It is a cop story with action, suspense and mystery woven with unexpected twists and shocking revelations in every page of it. It also has love and family sentiments to behold. The messages delivered are very intense indeed. So far everyone has simply loved it.

Nita: How was your book publishing journey?
Arvind: It was absolutely fantastic experience in itself. Notion Press Media, Chennai, is my Publisher. They are indeed amazing and studious people. I got ungrudging assistance in every step towards the making of my book. Their patience was what struck me with awe. I’m deeply indebted to every staff member who was co-ordinating with me on this.

Nita: Is writing your passion or profession?
Arvind: It’s undoubtedly an ardent passion that has become a circumstantial profession now.

Nita:  How did you manage time between your full time profession and writing?
Arvind: I’ve worked in various prestigious institutions throughout India. The last job I did was as a Logistics Country Head for a TVS ancillary concern – Flexol Packaging India Ltd. I never had any time then. I worked 24 * 7 * 12 * 365 flying all around the country. I left the job 3 years ago, to be with my wife who conceived after 8 years. After my daughter was born, I started my own finance business that never interrupted my writing. I go to sleep at 2 or 3 am and wake up at 6 everyday. It has me sort of engaged completely and moreover I have my 3 years old princess, who keeps me very busy these days.   

Nita:  Best piece of writing advice from you?
Arvind: Follow your instincts. Connect with the right people.

Nita:  Something personal about you, people may be surprised to know?
Arvind: I paint and cook very well.

Nita:  Do you have any upcoming books or plans?
Arvind: ‘The Aravan Head’ - sequel to my first book is almost ready, expected to hit by late November and apart from that the first part of a religious thriller, ‘The Devil’s Ultimatum’ is also ready. I’m trying to get it published in US.

Nita:  Really you are an Inspiration, Any message to your fans?
Arvind: A good book always rejuvenates you in a soulful way. Read good books and live as a better person. Qualified or not qualified, if you wish to write just do it. Go ahead and write.

Nita:  I would love if you will give me some suggestions for my blogs ‘’Your Book Our Review’’ and ‘’All about an Author’’
Arvind: Your blogs are simply awesome and as an expert you are doing a great job.  My humble suggestion would just be this – keep helping writers like me to find the right audience and be persistently on the correct platform. Authors thrive on the appreciations and critics of the readers. We need to stay connected for a mutual and consistent survival. All the best for a long journey.

Nita:  Thank you for being here, I hope your thoughts will help millions.
Arvind: I hope and pray it will. Thank you so much.

You can reach Mr. Arvind Narsima Mourty through below link:

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''I am really thankful to Mr. Arvind Narsima Mourty for sharing his thoughts. It was really nice interacting with him.''
Nita Samantaray
All about an Author


  1. Really superb Dear Aravind. Y r right abt those school days, by writing many stories in note book papers, reading all parts of Nancy Drews etc.

  2. Really superb Dear Aravind. Y r right abt those school days, by writing many stories in note book papers, reading all parts of Nancy Drews etc.

  3. we inspired by your English from the schooldays. i still remember the day your English poem decorated the hearts through the notice board of JNVP kadhirkamam,