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#7. An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Neal Amza (Pen Name)

Neal Amza (Pen Name)

Interviewed By: Ms. Nita Samantaray

''My bio is not really important what is important is the never ending search for the mysterious that is part of my daily regimen'' By Neal Amza. The statement itself reveals a lot about Neal Amza. He is a person who don't wants to get recognised by his name but by his work, by his book. 

Lets have a glance on what he has to say on my Questions:

Nita: Hi Neal, I welcome you to ‘’All about an Author’’
Neal: Aloha, This is great to get this time to talk more about The Dark Reality!  I so enjoy fiction and fantasy. 

Nita: Tell me a bit about yourself.
Neal: I am a very private person.  I have two sides to who I am.  The writing helps me to release one of those sides of my personality.  It is the personal side .  The side of me that almost no one gets to see.  The side of me no one understands.  I grew up in nature.  I spent a lot of time in the forest.  I had a lot of experiences that were unexplainable.  The unexplainable sent me on a search for the answers.  I have travelled and spent a lot of time hunting for these answers.  The journey has been worth it.

Nita: When and how did you start your journey of writing?
Neal: I love adventure.  I love action.  I love the supernatural and the interesting experiences that can come from hunting for the truth.  I have stories that come to me.  I am not sure where and how.  I do a lot of research hunting for the truth and then need to release to allow more stories to flow.  I started writing very young.  I had a manuscript started when I met my wife.  She so enjoyed reading it.  I started into life and had many experiences before I came back to writing.  I can write for hours now. 

Nita: What inspired you for writing?
Neal: The first full novel I read was Edgar Rice Burroughs: Tarzan of the Apes. This really got my mind racing with different ideas and thoughts. I really love the older books. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, Manley Wade Wellman and many others. I do like modern authors as long as they keep the action rolling, Matthew Reilly is awesome when it comes to pulse pounding action sequences. Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series are some terrific supernatural action thrillers.   

Nita: Is there any specific genre that you prefer to write or read?
Neal: I have always been intrigued with the supernatural (having had a few personal experiences myself) and really love to delve into that.

Nita:  How will you explain your books?
Neal: I would have to say my Dark Reality series is a unique take on the supernatural action genre. I take mythology and legends from around the world and incorporate them into a modern story. My stories are about the few people who know about the world of supernatural that most don't believe in. Most of the supernatural beings do not want you to believe in them. In the past they were hunted to near extinction. Humans are many and for all their power the supernatural realms wish to remain hidden. There are some that wish the roles reversed. The places and people are real and unique.  Do a little research yourself. You may be surprised what you find.

Nita: How was your book publishing journey?
Neal: My wife supports me and I have friends that assist also.  It is definitely a journey. 

Nita: Is writing your passion or profession?
Neal: Both, I have some other things going, but I am fortunate enough that my wife allows me to have the time to also pursue writing.  

Nita: How did you manage time between your full time profession and writing?
Neal: Like I mentioned in the previous question, my wife is a huge help with this. Without her and my children's support it would be impossible to do.

Nita: Best piece of writing advice from you?
Neal: Never give up! Make your dreams come true!

Nita: Why you have a pen name different from your Original name and why you are bound to hide your Identity?
Neal: I wrote my books with using my fathers middle name. My father has passed and I wanted to honour him. These books would make him proud.  I also like to keep my private life and public life separate. I also like writers who have went under pen names because it creates a little mystery for the reader. I know I enjoy it. 

Nita: Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?
Neal: I like to keep the personal piece out.  Like I said, two parts to who I am . 

Nita: Do you have any upcoming books or plans?
Neal: Oh yes, I have a third volume in the Dark Reality series and a second volume in the Dark Reality short story series in the works. For the short stories, I am implementing some science fiction into the Dark Reality.

Nita: Any message to your fans?
Neal: I truly hope everyone enjoys my work. If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to post them on my Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/DarkRealityNealAmza6/ Always stay true to yourself,  even it it requires you to do it in writing. 

Nita: I would love if you will give me some suggestions for my blogs ‘’Your Book Our Review’’ and ‘’All about an Author’’
Neal: I would suggest checking out some of the facebook groups for new authors as they have some really unique stories out there.

You can reach Author Neal Amza through below link:

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''I am really thankful to Author Neal Amza for sharing his thoughts. It was really nice interacting with such a great and dedicated Author.''
Nita Samantaray
All about an Author

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