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#9. An Exclusive Interview with Author Shreyasi Rhittika Phukon

Shreyasi Rhittika Phukon 

Interviewed By: Ms. Nita Samantaray

Shreyasi Rhittika Phukon is a graduate in history from J.B. College, Jorhat. She hails from Moran, Assam but born and brought in Jorhat, Assam. She is an avid reader and loves to pen down stories in her free time. She has contributed her writings in few anthologies and e-magazines. Also initiated an anthology ‘A Phase Unknown Woman- A Tribute Series’ and the first part of this book has been awarded the ‘Best Anthology Award 2014’. Recently, her Debut Solo Book “18 Via Teen Be Yourself” got released from Dream House Publications, India. Shreyasi is also the winner of ‘Aagaman Tejaswani Samman 2014’ conferred upon her by Sanmati Publishers and Distributors. She is currently pursuing her Masters from Gauhati University, Assam. She has also started working as a sub- editor at Dream House Publications. 

Lets have a glance on what she has to say on my Questions:

Nita: Hi Shreyasi , I welcome you to "All about an Author"
Shreyasi: Thank you so much for inviting me here.

Nita: Tell me a bit about yourself?
Shreyasi: I hail from Jorhat, Assam. Currently pursuing my Masters in History from IDOL, Gauhati University. I have contributed my writings in few anthologies and e-magazines. Also initiated an anthology "A Phase Unknown -A Tribute Series". Recently, my Debut Solo Book "18 Via Teen Be Yourself", a collection of short stoues book which talks about the teens and their belongings. I am an avid reader and loves to pen down in my free time. I am also currently woking as a sub - editor at Dream House Publications.

Nita: When and how did you start your journey of writing?
Shreyasi: Thanks to these social networking sites specially Facebook which brought few chances for me to explore this never planned field. My fiction got selected in an anthology authored by Ms. Henna Priya, which was my very first professional writing attempt apart from usual fb posts and notes. Eagerness increases when you taste success and this was how I took writing seriously.

Nita: What inspired you for writing?
Shreyasi: Writing was my childhood dream. But I never thought I can do it. Later, when I saw many youngsters coming into writing professionally, I landed my step.  Fortunately, there were few well-wishers, who guided and supported me throughout my journey. I felt more confident and took the affair seriously.

Nita: Is there any specific genre that you prefer to read or write?
Shreyasi: I prefer reading as well as writing anything motivational / inspirational

Nita: How will you explain your books?
Shreyasi: Well, my books deals with offbeat stories. The reality of life. They can be the stories of any one. I write mostly on/about females. Tells about their lives, conditions and challenges. I dont prefer to write mainstream genre as Love, Romance or Thriller. Market is flooded with them. I like to talk and represent girls, for whom no one cares. So, my pen speaks for and about them.

Nita: How was your book publishing journey?
Shreyasi: Well, so far it's going well. Getting support, help from many new people to make my books reach the masses.

Nita: Is writing your passion or profession?
Shreyasi: I would quote writing as my profession.

Nita:  How did you manage time between your full time profession and writing?
Shreyasi: I follow a definite schedule. Everything is planned. I save time from one activity and invest it in the other.  Writing, I count as my profession, so I give enough and equal important to it like my other profession. But yes, you need to sacrifice personal or social life as youve 24 hours in your cart.

Nita: Best piece of writing advice from you?
Shreyasi: First you need to understand what youre going to write? What will be your final vision of output? What kind of writing style youre possessing? Whats your strong & weak zone of writing? Do not try to copy someones style, develop your own. Your writing style should become your identity.  Always remember, everyone has a story but not all are the writers.

Nita: Something personal about you, people may be surprised to know.
Shreyasi: Hmmmm... I don't think I have anything personal as such to be known.

Nita: Any message to your fans?
Shreyasi: A greatest thanks to my all dear for showing their love and support in my works . I wish you will do the same for "18 Via Teen Be Yourself" too.

Nita: I would love if you will give me some suggestions for my blogs "Your Book Our Review" and ''All about an Author".
Shreyasi: You are doing a great job by helping authors to reach our readers . Do support and help us always. Keep Going!!

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''I am really thankful to Author Shreyasi for sharing her thoughts. It was really nice interacting with such a great and dedicated Author.''
Nita Samantaray
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